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Private health insurance for you and your family

Are you paying too much for health coverage? Is COBRA insurance squeezing you? Are you uninsured because you’re fed up with rising premiums and sky-high deductibles on the government-sponsored health insurance marketplace?
Then you’ve come to the right place.
Our affordable insurance products offer a deductible-free, no copay health insurance solution for all your day-to-day needs. In fact, the only time you’ll hear the word ‘deductible’ is if you’re admitted into a hospital overnight.
Take a look at some of our testimonials below, including our Google and Facebook reviews – they are just some of our happy clients, who started out just like you: frustrated with the current system.
Giving Americans a better option for their health insurance is why we’re in business. Give us a try – for the first time, you’ll come to like (or even love) your health plan.

Why Might Private Health Coverage Be Your Best Option

Stable Insurance Premiums

Because Private Plans require good health in order to qualify for coverage, the expense that comes with taking on those with Major Pre-existing conditions is eliminated. That translates to lower premiums with minimal over time increases

Freedom of Choice

While HMO’s dictate which providers you can and can’t visit, our clients enjoy the luxury of both membership in a Nationwide PPO Network along with the Freedom of going outside the network without any financial penalty, and without any referrals needed.

Zero Deductibles, Zero Copays

One of the more popular features of Private Coverage is ‘First Dollar Benefits’, meaning benefits paid without having to first meet deductibles or copays for any outpatient care. And if the provider is owned less than your benefit, you’ll get money back (yes, you read that right!)

Health insurance for small business owners

If you are a small business owner, then you probably already know how expensive and underwhelming your health insurance options are. Deductibles have gotten so high that the people on these plans rarely (if ever) realize any value from them. If you are fortunate enough to have a small deductible, then you’re more than likely paying ridiculously high premiums.
At Puresurance, our experience providing health insurance for small business owners is unparalleled. Whether you’re completely independent, or a franchisee who’s part of a larger system, our portfolio of affordable yet comprehensive coverage products ensures that your health and your asset base are both well-protected.

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