Our mission

Innovation + Transparency

In our broken and fragmented healthcare system, many individuals and small business owners likely have a health insurance problem. While some are fortunate to have spouses on group employer plans that they can leverage, the majority of us have the following options: State Health Insurance Marketplaces that offer plans with high premiums and/or deductibles, limited choices and benefits, Short-term plans, or Non-Insurance, ‘Sharing’ groups.

Something needed to change.

Puresurance was born out of the idea that innovation + transparency with quick, competent client service, would transform the way Americans choose their health coverage. Our continuously evolving portfolio of health plans provides whole coverage at Group Plan Rates. It’s the future of health insurance, created for you.

The founder - Eric Geier

Message from the Founder

When we set out to find the most innovative health coverage products on the market, our core mission was to select those that provided more value to the client than anything they’d seen before. It was a tall order – anyone can attest to the fact that there’s no shortage of expensive, underperforming insurance products.

The Health Insurance Products offered by Puresurance are the most innovative products on the market today, and we couldn’t be more excited to bring them to you.

If you’re not yet familiar with our client-focused (obsessed) model, reach out today and see if we’re a good fit for your unique situation. Our hope is that we can be by your side, protecting you and your most precious assets.

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